Friday, June 6, 2014

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips Recipe


  • 30 fairly symmetrical  salted potato chips. Be sure they are unbroken (use what you prefer here. It depends on your taste).
  • 1 bag (3/4 lbs) of vegan chocolate chips.


1. Sort  your chips and make sure they are all in a  very good condition. You want to be sure that all the 30 chips have no cracks or brakes in them. Put them aside so they are ready once the chocolate has melted.

2.  Now melt the chocolate chips until they are smooth over medium-low heat preferably using a double boiler.

3. Using a spoon dip each chip at a time in the chocolate to cover it thoroughly. It might take a slight bit of skill and patience to cover the chip nicely. The reason for this is that is is not easy to just dip the chip straight in and out and it comes out perfectly covered with chocolate. That would be really nice though but unfortunately you’ll have to smear it a bit.

4. After you finish covering each chip with chocolate put them onto wax paper. Then add some nice and colorful sprinkles, if you wish to.

5. Wait until chocolate hardens then serve!


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